Gives proper support even to heavier individuals.

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  • Gives proper support even to heavier individuals.

Gives proper support even to heavier individuals.

  • December 29, 2018
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Mattress Guide: Provides In Depth Knowledge fora Comfortable Sleep



Choosing the best one from the countless types of mattresses offered in the market can be confusing. Simple reason is that you do not have the factors to guide you in your task. Knowing the basic type through mattress guide eliminates guesswork and provides more in-depth knowledge.



What are inner springs and the three main types of coils?

The traditional inner spring is packed in a layer at the bottom with a comfortable pad on top for comfort. This inner coils function as supportfor proper spine alignment.

1. Pocketed Coils – compose of independent coils packed in group using fabric casings. As you sleep these coils conform to your body making it more comfortable. Ideal for people who have trouble sleeping attributed to pains in the body’s pressure points.


2. Continuous Coils –this is a durable and very responsive type since the coils are connected in metal.  The concept in this type is that the spring jointly handles the load and support thereby making it durable. But it has a downside since there is motion transfer due to the connections which will not suit having a partner in the same bed.


3. Double Offset Coils-The coils can provide the same basic function but with this it offers better conformity to the body shape than the continuous coils. The downside of this type is the consideration of the foam layer placed on its top if it is strong enough and if the number of spring is packed together in close intervals for stronger support. Likewise there are types which can be flipped from one to the other and another type which cannot.

Other significant information

Coil count is not enough in innerspring mattresses. Consideration should include coil gauge (thickness of the coil material) and the construction of the coils. Knowing that you will be able to figure out the comfort the bed can provide as well as the support it can handle.